Pinoy Color Game - Perya

Color Game Perya is an android game develop for Pinoy. 
Color Game is a popular game in the Philippines. This is a unique casino type.

Color Game Perya is easy to play.
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How to Recover Files from a Flash Drive

Once your flash drive has been infected by virus, It will hide all your files. In order to unhide the files you have to follow this quick steps.

1. Go to Start ( Lower-Left of your Monitor )
2. Click Run
3. Enter "cmd.exe"
4. Enter this code: attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.*   
replace the letter h:\ by the letter of your flash drive.
Then wait for 10 second and done.
You can now see all your files again.

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Logo Design Tips for Beginners - Using its own meaning

Do you want to know how to start creating logo but you don't know where to start and what design to use. So here's a good tips to remember when starting a logo.

Understand the meaning of the logo - Of course you have to know what is the meaning of the logo so you can use it as the concept of logo.

Example: The logo name is ABCD and this is a company that "buy houses". All you need first to do is search for the houses logo. You will see a thousand of logo and sure you can find idea there (example you can use a roof shape for house). Second is the word "buy" search for it if there is a logo of buyers (example symbol of buy is circle). Then after you see those logo, you can combine this two logo to make a single logo with a meaning ( you can create a roof with a circle surrounding it ).

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Using real image as a Logo

This logo design tips is one of my technique that I always apply on my design. So check it out guys.

Sometimes it is better to use real image and then vector it for a logo.
We can use google to find images for example, Let's say the logo I want to create is a real state logo.
So I have to use house or roof for this logo. I will then search for roofs on google and when I find one,
I will save it and then vector this image. After vectoring, I can now change the colors and add text and done.

Using image as a logo

The first image is the one I use for reference. I vector it's roof then add text. That is very simple but very pro logo. 

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Odesk Tips for Graphics Designer

I am a freelancer in odesk and I can say I already know some tips and tricks to get hire. If you are Graphic Designer, you have to focus first on your profile. You have to choose your best design and upload it to your portfolio. Having a portfolio outside odesk is better. Don't just upload all your design. You have to impress your client whenever they see your portfolio. After you think your portfolio is done and impressive, you have to do second is making your cover letter professional and directly pointing to the job.
It it not important if your cover letter is long as long as it explain and shows your interest. That's all.

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